Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pizza Pizza

So, praise the Lord, I am living in an apartment this year! It's on campus, so it's still relatively close to everything, but has all the perks of apartment-style living. I've found I have WAY more storage space here than I did in my dorm, and can actually live practically, instead of tip toeing around drawers of sweaters and sitting at my desk with my knees up to my chin. It's lovely. Alsooo, I have the blessing of a living room, couch, chairs, kitchen table and all! It's just nice to have more than one room, like the dorm living was. Something else we have that I realize I really used to take advantage of is windows! Last year we had one measly little window, and it looked out onto a steeply rising slope of ivy to the barely-visible sidewalk above (it's sufficient to say, not exactly a spectacular view). But this year, we have 7, count 'em SEVEN, windows, three of which are in my bedroom alone! It's SO wonderful, I can see everything and I love it!

Now, getting to the point of this post, we also have a full kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, sink, cabinets, etc). So, naturally, I'm all over making new foods. I've been following one food blog in particular: How Sweet It Is. This girl has sooo many good recipes and stories to go with them too! Sadly, I have to practice a whole lot of self restraint, otherwise we'd always have two batches of cookies and a cake in the apartment. However, recently she posted a recipe for her Greek pizza and it sounded soooooo good. Like mouthwatering-ly good. So, I decided to try it, but i tweaked some (several) things. (However, let it stand that her post was the inspiration for me to make pizza at all!) So...I bought a ball of pizza dough from the local grocery store, sadly, I don't have the time of the resources to go about making my own dough like that lucky lady. And in the end, I resolved to top my pizza with marinara, fetta, garlic (chunks) and green onions.

MAN was it good. Even when it was in the oven the whole apartment smelled like heaven, drenched in joy, sprinkled with delight, with a hunk of happiness on top. No exaggeration. I even re-heated some of the leftovers for dinner tonight and it was still just as good. (ok, well the crust wasn't crunchy anymore, but what the hey?!) Needless to say, this has sparked an addiction. I am now scouring her blog for new recipes to tweak and try. So, yes, this blog might become a bit of a foodie blog, but that's just part of my life. 

One more thing I wanted to mention. My dad always jokes that it's my mom who should help me move into my dorm, my first apartment, my first house, etc because we need to nest. And as stupid as it sounds and as much as I want to deny it, it's 100% true. Mom did help me move in and she did help me nest, but for some reason, this past week has brought on a whole other week of nesting. Out of the blue. I bough some flowers for the kitchen table and just loved the way they looked, so I went out and bought some more for the kitchen. Then I passed by the Yankee Candle Co. section in Bed, Bath, and Beyond (let's all admit it right now, those candles are ADDICTING) and snatched up a couple with two simple little glass votives. Those are now next to the sink and just seeing them makes me happy. Sadly though, all these things are just temporary. (I know, why such a debbie-downer?) BUT I read a quote the other day by C.S. Lewis that said (in a very loose paraphrase) "When I have desires that this world cannot fulfill, I can come to no other conclusion than that we were not made for this world." So it's a bit of a happy pondering: no matter how much I nest, or how many times, or how much I get torn between college-home and home-home, none of this is my true home. Our home is waiting for us, in a perfect place, and it will have all the candles and flowers we can dream of.