Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014: A Year Unexpected

This past year has brought a lot of surprises, both good and bad. At the risk of sounding cheesy, there have been a lot of tears and a lot of laughter. I don't think it could have been more true for any other year up to this point in my life, this year has been crazay.

If 2014's slogan was "A Year Unexpected" its subtitle would be "Emotions are Close to the Surface."

Thankfully, the Christmas holiday has given me a good cap on a weird year. Two solid weeks home with the family was medicine for my worn-out heart. And the massive dose of football didn't hurt either. (Sidenote: seriously considering taking the plunge and buying a TV....just for the football.)

When I last talked to y'all Fall was in full swing and I was loving my job. If you're looking for the succinct update, here it is: Winter is in full swing and I am loving my job. Pretty simple. Unfortunately there's a lot more going on in my life than just that, and if you'd like to hear about it, stick around.

I was lucky enough to get to go home for Thanksgiving break, I've learned not to take those trips home for granted, they are warm and welcoming and far to rare. The big news on in November was not the moist Thanksgiving turkey, or the great Black Friday deals, but it was that one very sweet sister of mine GOT ENGAGED! She and her long time (3 years!) boyfriend are finally engaged and have set the date for May 30. Let me just tell y'all, it cannot come soon enough! We are all so stoked for Mary Catherine and Austin and it is a joy to see the joy they bring each other. Basically it's all just a joy. And we all need some joy, so I'm very thankful for it.

And thanks to this glorious news, we are full steam ahead in wedding planning. And friends, it is such a joy to plan with your best friend for such a wonderful thing. It is a blast getting to dream and talk and strategize for that big day which will kickstart their Christ-centered marriage. Everything is now infused with a little extra sparkle, a little extra excitement, all in anticipation of this new season of life. Being young is a blast, y'all. I wouldn't trade this season of life for anything, not anything.

Admittedly, I find that writing about these great joys and reflecting on the positives is making me smile even now, as I sit and wait for my delayed flight, glancing expectantly between paragraphs, looking for the time to get pushed back even more. But with such sweet people and such fun on the horizon, I can't help but smile like an idiot at the rest of the disgruntled travelers around me. Funny, huh?

The rest of 2014 chugged along like a persistent train, about to reach the crest of the hill and go barreling down at breakneck speeds in to the glorious blank page of a fresh year. It was not a continuously smooth climb, and there were definitely some obstacles that I'll explain sooner or later, but the point is it's gone. 2014: the year of graduating college and getting a job is gone. I'm now fully immersed with the masses in the working world.

And now friends, after a 2 hour delay, they are calling for me to board my flight. So I've got to run. Happy 2015 to you and yours.