Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sophomore year so far has been a world of difference compared to freshman year. I thought I knew my University and was involved, etc, but ohhhhh boy, no I wasn't. Last year I was having the appetizer, this year I'm having the all you can eat buffet. And I love it. Granted, yes, every day is packed full, but it's packed full of wonderful. This year has made me realize the value being involved has. This year, I've gotten involved in things that I wasn't in last year, taken advantage of opportunities offered by the university, and am even helping establish a new club on campus. All this had made apparent to me the value of taking ownership of your campus. I feel like I have a claim to stuff here, now. I'm not just an observer, I'm a participator, an initiator.

Aside from all this though, I want to focus on the one thing that God has pressed this year as the most valuable thing: the thing  I need most desperately in my life right now. Community. And what incredible community it is. My church has started a life group (like a Sunday school class....but not on Sundays) on campus. Talk about incredible. Not only do I get to hang out and talk about the word with kids I go to school with, but guess who leads it?! One of my friends who works in the church office and the teaching pastor! How valuable is that? We actually get to talk about the sermon with the guy who gave the sermon. If there's anybody you want to discuss scripture with, it's him. There's a reason he's the teaching pastor: he has such wisdom. Such wonderful wisdom. It's the coolest thing, to hear the sermon, dwell on it for a few days then get to commune with peers and discuss it, while getting input from the guy who preached the sermon itself. It's like discussing a John Piper book, with your best friends....and John Piper.

On top of that, the campus ministry I attend encourages upperclassmen (non-freshmen) to get involved in a Depth Group. In this case, it's a small group of 4 or so (in my case) girls who meet weekly with a woman who is a member of the church with which the ministry is affiliated. Now the thing  I really love about this is that when we sign up to be in a Depth Group, we are committing to it for the rest of our college career. AKA, I'll be studying the word and spending time with these girls every week for the next 2 1/2 years. Talk about valuable! It's so much more intensive and ensuring to know that we're in it for the long haul, together. I had a great Bible study for 6 years back home, but it wasn't one like this, where we each as individuals were committing to sticking with it for x amount of years. Knowing that the four of us are committed to making our time together a priority for the next 2 1/2 years really changes the dynamic. You're no longer opening your heart to people who might be here then gone, but to people who care about you and who want to walk with you for a decent chunk of time. It's great. It's just great.

All of this to say, I can't deny the obviousness of the value of community. People are what make your life: not accomplishments, not degrees, but people.

Getting an A on a paper a couple days ago didn't make my week.
Getting invited over to have coffee and cinnamon rolls and fellowship on a Saturday morning did.