Friday, January 14, 2011

What Happened to Loving Books for Being Books?

So, I'm sure you've all heard plenty about the Nook and the Kindle and all this e-reader hooplah. And, as I'm sure all of you do, I've got an opinion about it. I'm one of those girls who takes four or five books on my long trips, and yes, I will admit, it's inconvenient. For that reason, I think these e-readers are absolutely wonderful!

But, I cannot deny the obvious deficiency of the classic element of books. One of the reasons I love books so much is because they are.....well, BOOKS! I love their smell, I love the feel of the pages, the feel of the binding. I love the way a well loved book becomes so flexible and malleable. It's wonderful! and obviously, that element is missing with this new wave of technology.

However, the biggest qualm I have with this new fad is that I want to build a library. When I'm 80 and old and can't even walk down the stairs, I want to have a library that can take me anywhere. And if I purchase books on an e-reader, I won't have a permanent physical book to add to my library. Now, being my innovative self, I've come up with a solution. I'm just waiting for Barnes and Noble or Amazon to realize my genius and snatch up the idea. ; ) But honestly, I would love it if these e-readers had a feature where you could, say, scan the barcode on a book that I already own, and it would automatically upload to the e-reader. This makes the best of both worlds!

But, of course, this doesn't exist right now. So, for now, I'm satisfied lugging around all my books and reading and smelling them to my hearts content. This is one book-lover that has not been converted to the fad.


  1. i completely agree! and if you decide not to major in english you could always pitch your idea to amazon! i hope you're doing well :) love you!

  2. New follower here...I must say...I AGREE! The smell of books, the sheer joy of reading a real, indulgence I shall never set aside....No Nook or Kindle for this bookworm... :)