Sunday, October 2, 2011

Farewell Summer

This summer, I worked at a Christian camp in Texas and LOVED every stinkin' minute of it, but boy was it hot. I'm almost certain there wasn't a single day that we didn't hit 100 degrees, and we often rose above it. I remember one day being told that the temperature was a balmy 113 degrees. As you can bet, Texas heat is one of the things that drove me north(ish) for college. I wanted a place with seasons: where the leaves turned when they were supposed to and there was actual snow in the winter. It suffices to say, I'm getting what  I asked for. Fall is really setting in here in Carolina. Today the high was 58 degrees and when I walked out to the car to go to church this morning it was in the 40s. THE 40S. Granted, it's going to warm up a bit (low 70s) for the next couple of weeks, but even still, it is SO nice. I actually turned on the heat in my car tonight as  I was driving around. And on top of that I wished I had a pair of gloves. I know, I know, Bonnie, what are you thinking, it's only October 2nd. But if you can walk around in 50 degree weather and not have your fingers get all numb, then I will try it too. I also had my first cup of apple cider today (yay!). Point being, I couldn't be happier right now. This wonderful changing of seasons makes up for the massive amount of work I have been assigned for the next two weeks. If I'm going to spend all day, every day working and studying, at least I can do it on a campus who's leaves are starting to turn and who's air has the crisp snap of fall.

In short, I just want to say: Autumn, this Texan is welcoming you with open arms.

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