Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Month Behind Me and Four Months Ahead

I have to ask you, when the heck did this happen? When did July become August? Where did those 31 glorious days fly by? Because I certainly don't feel like there were 31 days in that month. Crazy. And now I'm sitting here and the calendar says August 9th. This summer went to fast! My past month (since camp) has been spent with a hodge-podge of activities. I trekked down to Houston to apply for my Italian Visa, which came in the mail two days ago (YIPPEEE!!). I then spent a week in Nashville to visit my sister and a friend where I proceeded to fall in love with that beautiful city. I mean really, such a great city. And now, I'm home prepping for Roma! Can't believe it's so close. I got my list of roommates, my apartment address, and lots of other fun information yesterday, so of course I'm starting to get giddy. 

In the meantime though, I'm having a blast with where I am now. For instance, last night was a monumental night for me. I'm 20 years old and until last night, I had never been to the circus. That's right. Go ahead and adjust your bifocals, put in your contacts, you can read that sentence again but it'll say the same thing: I had never been to the circus. Needless to say, I had a great night. My personal favorite: the elephants. They were so stinking cute! Like holy bananas cute. Riding an elephant is now officially written in permanent marker on my bucket list. Among my other favorite things were of course the tight-rope walkers, the bounce stilts, and the aerial acrobatics. Just getting to go was wonderful, I've been wondering for 15 something years what the circus was like, and now i know! And what a great thing to do to transition into going to Rome, right? Hopefully I'll post a little more about the preparation for Rome, but for now, here are some snapshots from the circus!
the tightrope walkers, practically right in front of our seats

me, my dad, and my sister after the show

With all this behind me, I can only look forward to the wonderful things that are to come in the next four months! Like for instance, my other sister comes home from a two month whirl-wind tour of Kuala-Lumpur, Thailand, and Shanghai! SO excited to have her home!

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