Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Last 72

72 hours. 3 days.

My last three days in Rome have been happy and sad and jam packed full of Roman things. Tuesday night we went to our favorite hangout place, Eatabli to relax and enjoy the evening. Also we had our last tiramisu of the trip. Wednesday afternoon we went to see St. Peter's one last time, and also saw St. John and the Latterans (the official papal church of the the Catholic Church). We also saw the Holy Steps. They Holy Steps were brought to Rome by Constantine's mother and are (supposedly) the steps that Jesus climbed to see Pontious Pilot and (again supposedly) some of his blood dripped onto the steps. Now, they are inside this building and Catholics come, climb the steps on their knees, and say specific prayers of repentance at each step as they make their way up to the top.

at Eatabli. Aren't they just so great?

last Italian tiramisu

Vana White-ing with the Christmas tree in St. Peter's Square

St. Peter's. Third time's the charm.

last time in St. Peter's

The Holy Steps

This morning I had my last exam and now am officially done with the semester! Yay! After the exam, Lindsey and I grabbed lunch at Simone's Pizza and then I took a walk to the Gianicolo Hill Path, which has an incredible view of Rome. After that, I spent some time back at the apartment packing and then Lindsey and I went to meet Abbie for one last visit to the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. We tossed our last coins in, took some pictures and skipped out just as it started to rain. We then walked through Piazza Venezia, stopped at the Forum, then walked down to the Colosseum to see the big Christmas tree - one of the best in Rome - and my personal favorite. After saying goodbye to the Colosseum, we had our last Italian dinner at La Gata Mangiare, a wonderful little pizzeria by our house. And now we're back in the apartment, finishing packing, and marveling at the fact that we actually have to leave Italy tomorrow. I can't believe it's here. I'm so happy to get to go home, yet I don't want to be torn away from this wonderful city and the friends that I've made here. Oh well, you always have to move onto the next phase of life, right?

my last cappuccino at the Danesi bar by school

view of Rome

Passeggiata del Gianicolo

all of the statues on the Gianicolo Hill

last gelato!

back at the Trevi one last time

throwing one last coin

love them

last time at the Forum (the forum at night was always a favorite)

Colosseum and its Christmas tree

loved the tree

No, really. loved the tree

again. love them.

last time on Roman public transportation. PRAISE THE LORD.

last Italian pizza

The next time you hear from me, I'll be stateside!

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  1. We know it is bittersweet, but your family cannot wait to have you back home!!! Safe travels, Bon Bon! We love you! Mom