Thursday, December 6, 2012

Woof. It (was) Wednesday.

I got a little busy yesterday and didn't actually manage to post this on the day that I wrote it. Whoops! So this is a day late, but here ya go!


9 days y'all. This is getting crazy. Which means only 9 more days to blog from Rome. In 10 days, this will go back to just being my unpoetic Winston-Salem/Dallas. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes, which means today is the last day of Monday/Wednesday classes and I'm certainly not complaining. Finals start next week, two on Monday, two on Tuesday, one on Thursday, and sayonara to Roma at 6 on Friday morning. Before finals commence, I had three papers to write and they've gone surprisingly well. I turned one in last Thursday, one today, and will turn in the last one tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to enjoy my time here before jumping into finals and packing. In fact, I made a new friend today. A little late in the program, I know, but oh well. I don't know his name, actually I don't know if he's even a boy or a girl. Freaky right? Actually, it's just a dog. I was in my room this afternoon and heard a dog barking and barking and barking for 5 straight minutes, so I opened my shutters and there he/she was, on the balcony right across from mine. I poked my head out the window and whistled and he/she looked at me. Then barked at me. Funny little thing.

my new friend

After school today, Lindsey, Abbie and I set aside the evening to try a new restaurant that we had heard a lot about called Dar Poeta Pizzeria. It was so good. It was in Trastevere (one of my favorite parts of town) on a deserted back street, with the doors shut tight to the cold. But when they opened, you got hit with a wall of warm, toasty, pizza filled air. If you're not drooling, you should be. We each got bruschetta and pizza. Classic Italian. After dinner we went to a gelato place Lindsey had found not far from the Pantheon that had by far the largest selection of gelato I have seen in my entire time in Italy. Very impressive and very good. Not to mention en route we walked through some adorable parts of town all decorated for Christmas. I just love this city.

decorations on the street leading to the Pantheon

Oh, and this is my new background on my phone. Let's just say I have high hopes for Christmas in Dallas.

Merry Christmas and Ciao!

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