Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beth and Bonnie Roma Party: Part 1

As some of you know, my sweet friend and soon to be roommate, Beth is here to visit me for a few days. Not only is it an incredible and unexpected blessing for her to be here, but has also proved to be such magnificent timing that only God could have orchestrated for this all to fall together so perfectly. Not to mention I squealed with excitement when I saw her coming out of the airport doors because I hadn't seen her precious smiling face in 6 months.

She arrived early yesterday morning and I went to pick her up from the airport. We made it back to the apartment and set out into our day when it was only 10 o'clock. Before going far, we of course stopped for the obligatory cappuccino e cornetto for her first meal in Rome. Most of Saturday was spent conquering three big tourist hubs: the Colosseum, the Forum, and the Palatine Hill. When it was still early evening, we left the city center and went to Trastevere to walk the streets, get some gelato, and ended up having an early dinner at Carlo Menta. Unfortunately, I left my phone and camera in the apartment by accident so I don't have any photos to show for the day.

This morning, Beth decided she wanted to just see when she would wake up. Whoops. Girl slept until 11. But no worries, because I slept pretty late too. We both needed to catch up on some sleep and this turned out to be a great time to do it! I especially thought she deserved to sleep in, seeing as she had just flown half way around the world to see me. And on that note, she is handling the time change impressively well! Of course, almost 15 hours of sleep helps, but she's pretty much on Roman time already! Since we got a late start and it's Sunday (aka almost everything in our neighborhood is closed), we grabbed a quick breakfast in the apartment then headed out for what was left of the day. We walked through the heart of Rome and saw Campo di Fiori, the Pantheon (where we got a wonderful coffee granita treat), the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and did some shopping all throughout and on Via del Corso too! It was a wonderfully leisurely day, but also an impressively productive one too! We closed the day with walking back down Via del Corso to Piazza Venezia, where we went to see the Capitoline Hill and a view overlooking the city. We had decided to cook in for the evening, so on the way home we picked up all the ingredients we needed. We made a lovely dinner of pasta amatriciana (tomato sauce with italian bacon), home made garlic bread, and home made tiramisu. Loved it. It was certainly the most cooking I've ever done for one meal, but it was so worth it!

at the Trevi

making my third wish of the semester

sitting on the Spanish Steps

I am just head over heels loving having Beth here and soaking up every second of being with her sweet self. Being the thoughtful girl she is and knowing how incredibly much I love Christmas, she brought me a plentiful array of Christmas goodies consisting of: Christmas sticker, a miniature Christmas wreath, candy canes, cinnamon scented soap, Christmas scented air fresheners, and even gingerbread cookie mix! She's too precious, right?


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