Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, and Lasagna

Only in Rome could a thanksgiving dinner include both turkey and lasagna. And they pull it off. But let's start at the beginning of the day. First off, Happy Thanksgiving! Anyone in my family will tell you I'm a sucker for traditions. So being away from the States for this holiday, and for the start of the Christmas season (officially. because let's be honest, I started celebrating months ago.) This morning, my art history class went to Galleria Borghese, one of Rome's most foremost art museums, which is in an old villa (Villa Borghese) in the biggest park in Rome, the Borghese Park. First of all, the park is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It is so extensive,  with lakes and rivers and fountains and hills and forests and climbing and paths and dog parks. Just gorgeous. So it was a great way to start Thanksgiving. And the Villa itself is gorgeous. It's that old-money gorgeous. Not to mention it's filled with beautiful art.

Villa Borghese Park

Galleria Borghese


my bus riding companion today

To finish off my school week, I had quite the surprise in my Italian class, my last class of the week. We had a Thanksgiving celebration! People brought cookies and snacks and we had an aperativo (basically appetizers)  and watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It was a terribly wonderful surprise to have this little party when I just thought I had to endure another Italian class. After class, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a traditional (ish) American Thanksgiving dinner. Our program directors had set up a dinner at a restaurant where the chef had agreed to learn how to make turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and even pumpkin pie! Plus, the chef made us a special surprise, while it didn't fit the repertoire of our Thanksgiving dinner, it was his specialty - his lasagna. And oh my oh I have never tasted such a magical Italian cooking. That lasagna was one for the books. While it was as good as my Thanksgiving dinner at home, it was still great. It was certainly nice to have something even remotely similar to what all my American friends are eating today. 

watching Charlie Brown in Italian class

Thanksgiving Dinner

"Pumpkin Pie" note Andrea posing in the background. he's a hoot.

Now we're back in the apartment, steeped in our turkey coma. To inaugurate the Christmas season (because you're never too early!) we moved our mattresses onto the floor all together and are watching Christmas Vacation with a Christmas air freshener filling the room with the smell of Christmas trees. Right now, nothing could be more satisfying than this. 

And on a final note, I got this sweet photo from my family today. Love them.

yes, even Delilah ran the Turkey Trot!


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  1. Delilah with the Turkey Trot tag... my heart just melted! I hope you had a wonderful trip to Nice :) can't wait to read the blog post! luv you!