Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It is exactly as it sounds.

Eating + Italy.

Picture it. Four floors of a warehouse sized building, filled with groceries and restaurants. The idea behind Eataly is that everything, and I mean everything in the building comes from inside Italy. The cheese, the meat, the soda, even the cows where they get the milk to make the gelato live in Italy. Ya, everything is from Italy. So everything is just that good. We walked around the store and took everything end before picking a place to eat. Integrated with the groceries are different restaurants, classified by types. So in the cheese and meat section, you can eat cheese and wine aperativos. Other restaurants included a restaurant of fried food, one of seafood, one of meat dishes, and one of pizza and pasta.

We had a lovely dinner at the pizza and pasta restaurant and we each ate pasta sorrentina, a pasta dish with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella. After dinner, we went downstairs and had the most incredible gelato since I've been in Italy. It was SO incredibly flavorful. I've never had anything with so much flavor in my entire life. After gelato we did a little grocery shopping and then headed back to the apartment for the night.

No lie, Eataly easily makes it into my top 15 favorite experiences. The only regret I have is that I didn't go earlier! But for all of you in the states, don't fret, you too can experience Eataly!! Shockingly, there's a location in New York. Just like the one here in Rome, everything inside of it comes from and is made in Italy, but I don't doubt that the food might taste a little bit different considering it's not actually in Italy. But learning this was a huge comfort to me knowing that when I'm back in the States and pining for the magical food of Italy, I can make my way to New York for something that just might come close to the greatness of the food I've been eating for the last three months.


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