Saturday, September 8, 2012

Andiamo alla Spiaggia!

What a couple of days! They've been so full of relaxation but filled with so much! Yesterday we spent most of the day in the apartment, just relaxing and doing nothing - which was wonderful. Our plan was at the end of the day to head out and try to make our way to the Spanish Steps. We knew where they were (sort of) we just weren't entirely sure about the technicalities of getting there. All the same, we set out with the knowledge we had in the hopes we would find the steps. Naturally, as these things usually work out, we didn't make it to the steps. I like to think that we could have, but even though we didn't it was still a great night! In our wanderings we found the most adorable back alley Italian restaurant that embodied all that you think of when you think of a little Italian hole in the wall restaurant. Unfortunately we didn't stop to eat there but we will undoubtedly be making our way back there very soon. Instead, we centered ourselves at Piazza Navona and decided to meander the nearby streets in search of dinner. We found a great little restaurant that offered bruschetta, pizza, and a drink for a bargain price. And I mean, it was not a slice of pizza, but a considerable 12" pizza. And it was undoubtedly the best pizza I've had since I've come to Italy. Really and truly ah-mazing. If you come to visit me, and I haven't found better pizza by then I will be taking you there. 

Excuse the poor photography but NOM. 

In our wanderings we dropped by the Pantheon to see what it looked like at night.

You may be thinking "oh what a great day!" but oh no no, it wasn't over yet. We made it back to the apartment to find it dark. Pitch black dark. Again. For the second time in less than 72 hours we were without power. We called it in the next morning and a maintenance guy came to show us how to fix it - yay! We're self-sufficient! Apparently we have to turn off the water heater in the bathroom before we can use the oven and we can't use the oven and the washing machine at the same time. And on the off chance we do cause the power outage, we can't just flip the fuse that's in the apartment. Oh no. No no. We have to walk down to the creepy basement and go into the creepy closet to flip a lever. But on the bright side, at least we know how to fix it! 

Since it was still before 10am when we conquered our electricity woes, the day was wide open. And this brings us to the title of the post: "andiamo alla spiaggia." Any guesses? Any? No? None? Fine, I'll tell you. Let's go to the beach! Yes, you read that right - THE BEACH! An Italian. Beach. We navigated a tram to a bus to a train and an hour later we arrived in Ostia Lido and finally made it to the beach!! Now, it was not terribly glamorous, but who cares, it was an Italian beach! The sand was dark, the water was frigid, and the sun was warm. Somehow I managed with an 3 oz bottle of sunscreen and escaped sunburn free!

I think this is the most successful I've felt since arriving in Rome. We made our way all the way there without a single hiccup! Our next big adventures are to come next weekend. On Friday, we have the pre-planned trip to Assissi which I'm sure will be great. And as for Saturday, some of us are dabbling with the idea of having an all-day-excursion to the one and only Rainbow Magic Land - Rome's best theme park. I truly believe that only good things can come from this. I mean the place is called Rainbow Magic Land. I think the only thing that would make it better would be if it was followed by ": home of the unicorns." But let's not get ahead of ourselves - there's still a whole other week of school to conquer!


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