Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of Classes

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! It's here! Today was my first day of classes! CRAZY! Tell me, when did I become old enough to travel to a foreign country to go to school? Because I feel like a 7 year old lost in a mall, a mall where nothing's in English. For the first day of school though, it truly went surprisingly well! The bus was running close to schedule this morning so we hopped on (or i guess we really pushed our way on) at 8:35 and were at school by 8:50 - 1 point for Bonnie! After climbing the three lengthy flights of stairs I successfully found my classroom - 2 points for Bonnie! My first class was Intro to Public Relations from 9-10:25. It was a nice small class with only about 12 people and the professor was nice. He was funny too, but the kind of funny where he really thinks he's funny too...which makes him slightly less funny. But at least he's not boring! After that class, I went in search of the registrar's office to do some work for my classes and I managed to get into a class I was waitlisted for and drop the class I didn't want - 3 points for Bonnie! After the registrar's I hopped back on the bus to return to my neighborhood because I didn't have a class again until 3:40. Once home, Kelly, Abbie and I grabbed a sandwich at a cute cafe down the street from our apartment which was a great little break in the day. Post lunch I hunkered down in bed to fall asleep to the giant rain storm that was rolling in.

watching the storm roll in from my bedroom balcony

I woke up at 2:40, made it to the bus stop by 3 and reached the university by 3:20 for my class at 3:40 - 4 points for Bonnie! My class at 3:40 was Intro the Mass Media (the class I got into earlier today) and i was good too! My professor was very nice and most of the other students are resident students (aka they are getting their whole degree here in Rome, not just studying abroad for a semester). After class, I rode the bus home with Abbie and then she and I went to a shop near the bus stop to grab some folders and notebooks. And guess what? They were cheap! 5 points for Bonnie! Then we headed back to the apartment for the evening where we settled in and finished off the day with a lovely beef stew made my Kelly - yum! Now I'm sitting in the living room with some of the girls, currently watching Scrubs dubbed in Italian (it's a hoot!). That's pretty much it for today! Tomorrow I get to sleep in (my first class is at 2) and I only have two classes. 

Oh, and one last lovely tidbit, for my family, I saw an Italian Hodgie on the bus today!!! BAAAAAHHH!! He was so adorable! Really and truly, Hodgie has an identical twin who lives in Rome. It made my heart happy to see a familiar face! 


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