Saturday, September 29, 2012

Making Something of my Saturday

As proven by previous posts, many a Friday, Saturday and Sunday have fallen prey listless lethargy, barely leaving the apartment. While lazy weekends are always appealing, they can get ironically tiresome. So this Saturday, I had the hopes of making something of the day, of actually being productive. I slept in, which I believe no matter what you have planned, is always a good idea. After a morning (slash afternoon) of nothing, I decided around 3 to go on an excursion to see the Spanish Steps, since I had not seen them yet. You might remember, a couple of weeks ago a few of us tried to find them. Emphasis on tried. But in that instance, we tried to walk part of the way and this time I did not.

So I struck out to find the Spanish Steps and I did! It took a little work and when I actually came upon it I didn't think it was it! It was remarkably crowded, but what else would you expect on a warm Saturday afternoon? Really though, I think the massive amount of people belittled the piazza in comparison. All the same, it was still lovely. I wandered away in search of some decently priced gelato (which was still slightly overpriced) and then found myself a seat on the steps, among the masses. I enjoyed people watching while doing the same with the gelato. Post snack, I sat and read my new Steinbeck acquisition for about half an hour. I wanted to stay longer, but  I figured since I wasn't certain of my route back I shouldn't waste the daylight. All the same, I have no doubt I'll be going back soon for some quality reading time. Before leaving the piazza though, I visited the church that's at the top of the steps.

on the steps

the Spanish Steps

a sculpture inside the church

All in all, I was thoroughly satisfied with my little excursion. When I got home, I spent some time relaxing some more, then rounded out the day by making penne with garlic and pesto and some tiramisu (for the first time ever on my own)! Again, another success! Tomorrow, unfortunately will be filled with homework, but at least I'll be doing my homework in Rome!


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  1. THESE STEPS WERE IN THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE! imma have to watch the movie now and compare all your adventures to all the landmarks they see! :) loved loved LOVED chatting with you. you are just the sweetest. can't wait to hear about more of your adventures. and see you relatively soon!